Columbia University Graduation 2013
The youngest in her graduating class, Jemima had threw her cap up in the air and smiled. She had finally done it, obtaining her PhD in Physical Biochemistry. It was a breath of fresh air and all of her classmates were clapping and hugging, Jemima couldn't believe that she had everything she had ever wanted right there. Justin, her boyfriend, lab partner, her first in many things, was by her side holding her hand when the caps were falling to the ground. The applause from the audience made her feel so many emotions that she couldn't possibly think straight.

He leaned in after wrapping his arms around her, a hug. The J square had triumphed the Biochemistry Department for the past four years. His lips brushed the bottom part of her ear, "We need to talk before dinner with our families."

Was he finally going to ask her? She was speechless. She smiled and nodded to him. It was the simplest way to say yes with all the commotion going on around them. She held her paper in her hand, looked on the ground for her cap. A fellow classmate, who she didn't know, handed her the cap that she been looking for. "Thank you," she said politely and went back to Justin. They moved throughout the crowd and met with their parents who had sat together.

Her mother planted a kiss on both of her cheeks, Jemima was thrilled to see her home. She traveled so much, and her father was always home to himself. Her father shook Justin's hand and gave Jemima a hug worth remembering. "We will see you two at dinner, reservations are at 6. Don't be late," the soon-to-be retired police commissioner stated to them both. Laughter and catching up with their families took a near hour as they stood next to their cars. Traffic was had finally died down. Finally they were alone, and Jemima was all too nervous.

They parked side by side as usually. He took her hand, gently holding it. They had spoken about their plans after graduation and Jemima hoped that he would be joining her to see the world. It was one of things that she had been wanting to do for herself for the longest time. There was so much out there wanting to be discovered, and to share it with someone she cared about immensely for was perfect. The way he had touched her hand, made her heart want to literally jump out of her chest.

"I got a job in California, and I am going to take it. I want us to be together side by side," now she was confused, both eyebrows raised and the look on her face was dumbfounded. Was he serious? "Don't go on your trip, we belong here--"

She took her hand from his and crossed her arms looking up to him. He was serious. She wasn't going to give up on her plans for him. "No, no. I have had this set up for years, and I wanted us to go together. We have the money saved up, and I wanted to share it with you." She couldn't believe this, the guy she thought knew her would understand why she was going to venture overseas.

"My life is here. If you go, then there is nothing left for us to discuss. Now decide, you can travel but I won't be here when you get back. If you stay, we will be leaving Saturday together going to San Francisco. It is the best bet for us because we are financially stable. The flight expenses are covered, and I all ready have an apartment ready for us to move into."

"I all ready told you that I am not going. Justin, you know I that this trip was all ready planned out. Why did you wait until now to discuss this?"

"Jem we are adults. Not some kids trying to scratch off things from a stupid bucket list, welcome to the real world. We have to live in the now, and this is something that I have been waiting to get the go from the company--"

"So you are willing to throw away everything because of a trip that I am going to to do?"

There was a pause, a long pause. The answer was clear. Jemima actually thought that he had got it through to him when they had discussed it every year and then the past few months back. Though that fight was horrible to even think about. She looked down and let the bottom of her flats scuff against the pavement while waiting for him to answer. It seemed like he had obviously made up his mind about it, then his hands rested on her shoulders and her eyes looked up to his. All ready watering, way to mess up a suppose to be great day.

"Jem, I love you but I am not going to let you ruin this for me. I wanted a career after graduation, and I am not going to let you change that for me. This is over. My family won't be at dinner because they all ready know my plans. They were hoping that you would see this," she smacked him against the face and back away from him. He knew better than to do that. He knew better.

She bit the inside her of her lip and point to him, "Don't you dare say that to me. Four years Justin, four years. You took everything." She wrapped her arms around herself and hunching over. They were alone, just them left. No public scene. "JUST FUCKING GO!" She fell to the ground unbuttoning her gown and leaning her head against the back of her car, closing her eyes, "I SAID GO." Jemima could hear the noise from his shoes moving away from her and the car door closing. She was stupid in believing that this was real. Stupid. The palm of her hand wiped the tears from her face and looked up to the sky, taking deep breaths to steady herself. "Why? Why did this have to happen?"

Jemima had gotten the gown off and placed neatly in the back of her car. Once she got in the car, she pulled her mirror down and wiped her face. Heart broken, lost, betrayed, every emotion that she hadn't experienced was now there sinking in. Fixing her make up, she looked at the clock. Crap, she was all ready late. She made her way to the restaurant and put her cardigan on making herself seem like nothing had happened. "Micheli party," she told the waiter and walked her to the table with her parents. They were confused because Justin and his family were not there. "Honey, where is Justin?" Her mother asked her while placing the menu down on the table.

"Justin isn't coming, neither are his parents. Let's just leave it at that," she said with a smile and looked over the menu, "Can we get the Fettucine ai funghi? I am starving." Her parents looked at one another and didn't ask any questions while they were in public. Her family like to keep things amongst themselves at home and not draw any kind of scene to them. It was easier for her dad.

"Of course."