Punishment Session

The bird and The Worm ~ The Used
All alone he turns to stone while holding his breath half to death. Terrified of whats inside to save his life he crawls like worm from a bird.

Bonfire ~ Childish Gambino
Eatin' Oreos like these white girls that blow me. Vodka for my ladies, whiskey for a grown man.

Bang Bang Bang ~ BigBang
찌질한 분위기를 전환해 광기를 감추지 못하게 해 남자들의 품위 여자들의 가식

Hard Carry ~ Got7
하드캐리해 Let it flow let it flow now 흔들었다 들었다 놔 하드캐리해.

Tear You Apart ~ She Wants Revenge
An escape is just a nod and a casual wave. Obsessed about it, heavy for the next two days.

Banquet ~ Bloc Party
A heart of stone, a smoking gun. I can give you life, I can take it away.

Fuck the pain away ~ Peaches
Check out my Chrissy behind. It's fine all of the time. What else is in the teaches of peaches?

Come Around ~ MIA
My girls run the everglades. Indian tribesmen gamble spades. Indian chicks, they get men laid. Milk and honey, smoke high-grade. Gold and diamond, gems and jade.

Creator ~ Santigold
I run the streets and I break up houses. River runs deep and the flame devours it.

Heads Will Roll ~ Yeah Yeah Yeahs
The men cry out the girls cry out. The men cry out the girls cry out.

Ricochet! ~ Shiny Toy Guns
Like a bullet, meant to be shot. You're the target, dead on the spot. When I focus, I never miss.

Lover, I don't have to love ~ Bright Eyes
Bad actors with bad habits. Some sad singers. They just play tragic.