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July 4th, 2016. The morning was filled with standing next to the grill. Ribs, corn, kabobs, were all marinating and wrapped preparing to started. Her family and friends were in for a treat especially when she was cooking. Usually the men handled the grill, but only on certain occasions Donna hopped behind it and put the apron on. Everyone knew not to mess with her when she was in her zone, her buds placed in her ear just so it actually looked like she was listening to music. It was the casual way for her to keep people away from her, but if her son came running to her and tugging on her shirt, she would immediately stop what she was doing.

Pain medicine had not worked with the minor headache that was growing, it was working its way from her temple to the back of her head. Her stomach was turning, and she wanted to enjoy the day. Looking up from the grill, her son was jumping into the pool with the other kids. She would give anything to just get on a float and close her eyes. Relaxation seemed to be so far away these days. Work had been controlling her life, but there was no complaints. It paid the bills and put food in the fridge. Maybe the headache was caused by deydration? She quickly grabbed the glass and downed the liquid. The kabobs went on, her eyes stared away. Time slowed down but something was off, a planet in a shape of a moon. Buildings and statues were in the center, asteroids were all around. Space. Why did it seem familiar?

The sight was nothing like she had imagined, and this might be caused by overworking herself. It was a daydream, it had to be a daydream. There was no way that anyone else was experiencing this, and she all ready knew that people would look at her in a funny manner. She was all ready the black sheep of the family by a few because being a photographer was not exactly up to par. Her parents overlooked her profession and stayed behind her every step of the way, always helping as much as they could.

The food had to be finished. A couple of hours later, and everything prepped and out on the tables as the dawn began to break. It was funny because she remembered her red-headed friend speaking about how the sun made her feel refreshed, but with her, it was the moon. It gave her a sense of clarity and stability. As the night began, the headache had not went away. In the distance, her son's laughter and running around with an American flag made her giggle as she motioned him to join her. There was no better to share the fourth, thanking that she had asked Rachel to accompany her. Donna all ready knew that half of her family would have her screaming by the end of the night because of the nonsense they would speak of.

Those blue eyes stared at her, the youthful face glowing brightly as the bursts of lights filled the sky. This little boy had forever changed her life. One part of her felt bad that he had not had a father in his life. She knew that he needed someone to help him better with potty training and teaching him sports. Adam was fully trained, her parents helped her with the process. Sports were a different story, throwing a football was out. The only sport that she was atleast decent with was baseball. Toss, pitch, swing, hit. If life could be that easy, a homerun would happen every hour. The only deal breaker there, life was never easy. Her friends seemed to have it easier with a little bit of complication. Before Adam, her life was always taking different turns and looks, moving from different foster homes and getting into trouble.

The saying: "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." The simplest quote would end up wrong because people just made every thing complicated. Her arms wrapped tightly around the small frame, these were the little moments that she cherished. Nothing would ever happen to him, though there was the chill going down her spine. Another image, it was strange. People in costumes, everyone holding hands. There had to be a reason for her having these daydreams. They were eerie and ghostly, all rolled into one. A peak of happiness came with it and destruction to follow. Her head shaking, lifting up at the night sky. His little arms struggled to let go of her grasps, she released him to run around. Adam's arms up in the air, fingers pointing to the different colors. Her friend standing near her, one of the very few she had let in. No judgment ever came from her, a common ground was set. She was another person she would do anything for. Maybe she had an idea of the strange montages going on?

"Momma, Momma!!" the young boy still pointing up, "What's up in the sky?"

Of course, they were all laughing but his appealing curiousity to know what was all around him better be the reason. He was only three. Her face softened, tension was becoming a minimum as she was clearly staring up. The wind blew her hair across her face as she felt there was more to it. The strange feeling as it was her home.

"Different planets and worlds that are beyond our imagination, no one has yet to discover. One day you might be up there exploring and discovering, but home," her voice soft.

Her son walked away to her parents, but the one's who heard her looked at her as if she had said something different. "Mom can you watch him? I need to use the bathroom," she was quick to say. She motioned Rachel to follow because something seemed off, and it needed to be explained. Another event of hers slowly turning into a downward spiral.